Friday 23-2-2024

Ladies and Gentlemen! What an overwhelming start to the auction and not least – what a fantastic reception of the works of art.

The response is already exceeding our expectations and we are receiving calls and emails from several countries – far more than we can reasonably respond to. In order to provide the best possible service both now and in the next few days, we recommend the following: 1. Register as bidder on the auction homepage 2. Sign up for our newsletter.

Telephone contact may currently be challenging as we are experiencing being constantly occupied. Regarding emails we will naturally try to respond to as many as possible as quickly as possible.

One question that clearly arises is where one can view the works, especially the Muhammad drawings? This is possible in the presentation under the tab: GALLERY – available here on the website. Furthermore, a page about the creation of the works is also available under the tab: GALLERY.

The works are not available for physical inspection as they are all stored in a secure vault in Hamburg. We thank you for your understanding! Best regards

Erik Guldager
Auction Leader